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Friday, January 16, 2009

Things that go in the trash. (A List)

Alyssa Martinez -

Things that go in the trash.
(A List)

Banana peels. Used paper towels. Burned incense.
Nail clippings. Receipts. Used matches. Finished
chap sticks. Used light bulbs. Material scraps.
Dust. Sand. Boogers. Broken electronics. Small
paper scraps. Tampon wrappers. Food scraps.
Health insurance. Ugly rocks. Polaroid boxes.
Film canisters. Bad photos. Old photos you don't
want to look at. Old pasta. Hair from bathtub
or drain. Hair from haircuts. Draino bottles
(empty). Things you forget to recycle. Bottle
caps. Spit. Used condoms. Broken condoms.
Feathers. Toe nail clippings. Old paint tubes.
Old CDs. Broken CDs. Scratched CDs. Leaking
batteries. Used non-rechargeable batteries. Plastic
bottles (when you have nowhere to recycle them).
Phlegm. Pieces of string (usually short).
Torn nylons. Bloody bandaids. Pieces of flesh
(for various reasons). Rusted earrings. Shattered
glass. Uninteresting toys. Old underwear. Dead
pens. Broken brushes. Empty body product containers.
Dead glow sticks. Dead light bulbs. Broken dish-
ware. Vomit. Moldy food. Tupperware with moldy
food in it. Cracked tupperware. Broken hangers.
Expired condoms. Finished packets of birth control.
Over-steeped tea. Stained underwear. Stickers
that have no more adhesive. Stickers that no longer
apply to you. Q-tips (dirty). Seaweed. Leftovers.
Ends of candles. Old conversations. Used gauze.
Ice cream containers (empty). Used ice cream
containers with frost bitten ice cream in them.
Unlockable locks. Dried henna. Mud. Old crowns
that fall out. Dead bugs. Broken mirrors. Broken
or otherwise used guitar strings. Cat puke. Dirty
diapers. Things that were stuck between your teeth.
Dryer lint. Belly button lint. Coffee grounds.
Plastic containers merchandise comes in (the kind
that is impossible to open). Demolished dance
shoes. Rusty or otherwise unusable nails. Broken
hookah parts. Dating games. Cigarette butts.
Butts of pencils. Used swifer clothes. Orange
peels. Yogurt tops. Empty tooth paste containers.
Wrapping paper (ripped). False eyelashes. Cloth
with grease on it. Containers with grease in them.
Broken bike parts. Dried out air fresheners.
Allowances. Animal droppings. Things on the
beach shore. Passed Exams. Past. Mold. Liquefied
potatoes and otherwise inedible food. Broken
glasses (for eyes or drinking). Books on sex.

To be continued.

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