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Monday, February 16, 2009

Contact Information Feb 2009

Andrea Mattson (cover) -
A recent graduate of SAIC. Loves to draw, knit, sew, spin, dye, make paper & generally use her hands to make things. Likes sunny days, & hates headaches.

Jesse Carsten, "e-mail" -
Here Lies: Jesse Carsten.
Now Moment-Now Moment.
He was so clever!
He carved into his chest: Abbye. Bevin. Emily.

Chanel Banoza, "an uneventful monday" & "nov. 3, 2004" -
Leonine & Los Angelesque.

Tyler Sherman, "Summer Starving" -
Tyler bio ---- Tyler David Sherman is a perfectly decent person. He has written three novels.

Mink Smithsonian, "You Are An Old Man" & "lolzebub" -
Larger, and more adaptable than less hardy European mink. Loves a good practical joke!

Ben Bertin, "Untitled (house)" (pencil drawing) -
Ben Bertin was born and raised in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He currently lives in Chicago with his wife, four kids and their dog smiley

Jamie Bloss, "I am from the lake" -
KSU undergrad in English and aspiring librarian. She likes honest poetry. Jamie likes to read, "...all books, I just like to know things."

Ryan Pfeiffer, "Pound" -
Splits his time between Arizona & Illinois. Exhibits work in Phoenix, student in Chicago. Interests include synths, scribbles, grapes, punk & beasts.

Rachel Williams, "The Bar" -
Has kept detailed diaries since age 5. Maintains journalistic practice, though 2 years ago began focusing on work that blurs line between fact & fiction. B.A. from USC Spring '09

Kate Bieschke, "Amtrak" (photo) -
Kate Bieshke is driven by narrative. She draws from writing & creates a subtext of a fantastical world underneath the guise of the seemingly everyday

Lika López de Victoria, Excerpt from Luna Negra -
Her life simplified is about duality. English and Spanish. Numbers and Words. Tropical Island and Midwest. Longing and Contentment. Passion and Practicality.

Schylar Stap, "lolzebub" -
Born & raised in Los Angeles. Currently serving The U. S. Army. Scheduled for first deployment August 2009 with Infantry Brigade.

Alyssa Martinez (Editor)-
Alyssa Martinez is finishing her final year in the Writing Program at SAIC. She believes only in science, magic and cats.

Mark Schettler (Editor) -
From Reseda, California, age 23. A Chicago resident since 2007, & an undergrad in SAIC writing program.

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