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Monday, March 30, 2009

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[In order of appearance]

Raychill Winterton “Greeting From Spauce” [page 1]
The Chillest of the Chill is on an important mission through the depths of super space. Her return to earth is unknown.

A. Martinez (Editor) “Movement” & “Into” [page 2-3]
Alyssa Martinez is finishing her final year her year in the Writing Program at SAIC. She believes only in science, magic, & cats.

Andrea Mattson “ubahn03jan” [page 3]
A recent graduate of SAIC. Loves to draw, knit, sew, spin, dye, make paper, & use her h&s to make things. Likes sunny days, hates headaches.

Molly Shea “Rest Stop” [page 4]
“This is Molly, she’s pretty cool.” “Really?” “Yeah- & I’m not just saying it either.” “Oh, Sweet.”

Emma Furman “Tessellate” [page 5-6]
Emma Furman is originally from Evanston, now living in the city. She likes making & discussing things. She has been practicing writing for a while.

Lane Williams “Memex” [page 7]
Lane Williams was born in Texas. He has been steadily moving northward ever since. He writes words & draws pictures. He currently lives in Chicago.

Ben Bertin “Cake Walkin’ (animation still”) [page 7]
Ben Bertin was born & raised in Rochester Hills, Michigan. He currently lives in Chicago with his wife, four kids & their dog Smiley.

Elias Van Son “wind and wave obey” [page 8]
the poet was born hooked on theta waves, is a student of natural Love, language, music, & will in all ways smile calmly at spilt milk. - poem is from the forthcoming book LITTLE FEATHER

Mark Schettler (Editor) “OTR translated” [page 9], “608 San Julian St” [page 19]
From Reseda, California, age 23. A Chicago resident since 2007. Undergrad in SAIC writing program.

Alison Kendall “Treadmill” [page 10]
Alison Kendall is an artist, graphic designer, technical illustrator & marine biologist, currently living & working in San Francisco.

Eileen Favorite “The Disorient Express (excerpt)” [page 10-13]
Eileen Favorite’s first novel, The Heroines, was just released in paperback.

Sam Nigrosh “The Art of Storytelling” [page 14]
Co-edits Windy City Dumps & is living in embarrassment. Send money.

Lloyd Mandelbaum “Untitled” [page 15-16]
Lloyd is an art school graduate working in monumental bronze sculpture production. He does not ride horses.

Noah Le Bien “hum” [page 17]
I’m alright, I’m living in a mushroom cloud... so far un radiation. My sidewalk sounds like sunflowers, so send me your distances & I’ll get back to you.

Mackenzie Birdsong “Untitled (Weley)” [page 17]
mac was born in america & just loves it there.

Jeni Crone “The Pause, part two” [page 18]
Currently pursuing a BFA with an emphasis in Writing & All-Kinds-of-Things. First published at age eleven with her poem “Magical Times.

Schylar Stap “Massive Mantra” [page 19]
Born & raised in Los Angeles. Currently serving The U.S. Army. Scheduled for first deployment August 2009 with Infantry Brigade.

Matthew Sairio (cover art)
Matthew Sairio can fit $1 in U.S. quarter dollars in his nose at once & is available for parties.

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