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Monday, March 30, 2009


The world is too small and our time on it too short to make waves where there are none.

Labels which classify which subjugate and divide what is otherwise whole only serve to weaken the minds of those who use them.

The forces of this life flow and undulate like a plucked string or a breath. we (our consciousness and perceptive faculties) float through these motions which are so stark and precise and intricate in their vibratory patterns they appear to us as this life and this world. as the wave pendulums back and forth between extremes, a central point of balance and harmony is passed through and this still point would be maintained but for the kinetic and potential energy that causes/is the motion. Everything is attuned to/is the motion and everything instinctual wants to/ is predisposed to come to rest at the point of balance - it is the same motion and stillness for all things though different things appear to be on different wavelengths. -

On our social psychological plain of understand and interpreting the wave and the stillness (philosophy(s) religion, and other systems of explanation) it seems at different times different paths, creeds, and stances are more right than others and in some cases they may appear absolutely true or false. these views while known to be more or less correct through reason, are followed because they bring us to points of greater or lesser complacency (closer to that balanced still point). In other words they FEEL right or wrong and that is what makes us believe them. Without the feeling validating or invalidating logical assertions they would just be abstract meaningless symbols. In still other words, everything we believe, we believe because it “feels better” or “seems more right” than the alternatives but the words themselves that are linked to the superior or inferior feelings of stillness are basically arbitrary. What makes words more or less “right” are our individual perspectives that are totally derivative our personal vibrations in proximity to the universal still point. These two points of reference constitute the measuring stick by which all logic and ideas are tested. Proximity denotes meaning.

Logic obscures this inherent indicator of “truth”. Logic proclaims things to be specific ways in broader fields of context than the system can be precise about. specificity like perspective cannot be wholly encompassing (which is why what is right for me may not seem right for you). it partially obscures the aforementioned truth. This partial obscurity or omission leaves something to be desired as though something was missing. This is a pull towards another state of existence (having what is desired). This is a movement in the mind and a disconnect from the natural stillness, balance, and contentment. Such is the fate of any definable form or idea. To be defined is to be discernable from that which it is not. The NOT is absent and therefore mysterious, which prompts desire. Natural undefined truth is fulfilling in its own right and does not spur further searching. The counter intuitive point to all this is that names shroud or mask in the pursuit of clarity but having no names or systems of understanding provides the most all encompassing true vision of what we are all seeking. It doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you hold an ideology of any kind it is not the truth you are seeking. – this statement is not exempt.

What group you are a part of or how you see your self can only be a relative assessment and only applicable some of the time at best. Focusing on the ebb and flow of your natural balance with all things will bring you closer to a your “proper” place in the universe than categorizing your self. All philosophies try to find the right way but fall short by championing one path over another. All options are on the table and all things in moderation. The divining rod that was here before anyone tried to pin down the truth and the one that still seems to consistently work better than all the philosophies that have cropped up since then is your individual intuitive sense of balance and proximity to equilibrium.

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